Fidelis Cybersecurity - Endpoint Detection, Response & APT

Company Description
Fidelis Cybersecurity is a computer company focused on prevention of advanced threats and data breaches. They offer network security appliances which include the company's patented Deep Session Inspection architecture. They are immeasurable in speed and accuracy in network traffic inspection among its technical differentiators.


Product Description


Fidelis Network™ equips security-conscious organizations to confidently detect, investigate and stop advanced attackers at every stage of the attack lifecycle. It analyzes all of your organization’s network traffic at multi-gigabit speeds and detects the tools and tactics of advanced attackers that routinely bypass other network security systems. With Fidelis you get the visibility, context and speed required to identify threats and ensure data theft never happens.


  • Detect attacks other solutions miss - In addition to advanced malware, exploits and command and control activity, Fidelis identifies attacker behavior including lateral movement and the staging of data for exfiltration
  • Identify and stop targeted attacks just as they are beginning - Quickly identify malicious behavior, including command and control activity and lateral movement, and halt data theft before it begins
  • Correlate seemingly unrelated network activity and behaviour - Correlate and validate alerts from seemingly unrelated network behavior by applying automated hunting and security analytics to retrospective metadata gathered on every network session
  • Reduce time to detect and resolve incidents - Quickly receive relevant information and apply threat intelligence to network data. Enable security analysts to move, within moments, from alert to investigation using a single interface
  • Detect attacks other network security solutions miss with our Deep Session Inspection engine and visibility accross all ports and protocols


  • Reduce Theft of Assets & IP
  • Reduce Overall Cost of Response 
  • Lower Disruption to Business
  • Mitigate Risk to Reputation/Integrity



Video: Fidelis Network Overview



Product Description


Fidelis Endpoint™ equips security-conscious organizations to confidently respond to, validate and resolve security incidents in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional approaches. Security teams receive the visibility, context and automation.


Features & Benefits:
  • Identify and stop targeted attacks just as they are beginning - Quickly identify malicious behaviour, validate threats based on multiple criteria, automate remediation and analysis workflows, and proactively hunt for threats
  • Correlate activity with other security tools - Effectively assess and validate alerts generated by existing security products, such as network-based security solutions or SIEMs, so you can focus on real threats and take action within moments of notification
  • Make faster, better informed decisions - Automate incident response processes, apply threat analytics and get deep visibility into malicious activity wherever it happens.
  • Reduce the time to resolve incidents - Automate complex and time consuming manual workflows, apply intelligence and context to alerts, and use key security performance metrics, including Mean Time to Validate (MTV) and Mean Time to Respond (MTR), to track and report on incidents
  • Accelerate the triage and validation of suspected incidents by eliminating time-consuming manual investigation steps that require highly skilled and hard-to-find security experts.




Video: Fidelis Endpoint Overview



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