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Company Description

SOTI specialises and excels in product innovation and enterprise mobility management, and is an industry leader which over 15,000 customers across 170 countries rely on for their EMM needs. By leveraging on strong partnerships with hardware manufacturers, SOTI is capcable of providing support for new mobile devices and operating systems well before the competition. SOTI has a strong focus on R&D and are constantly innovating to make day to day mobility management easy, enabling the enterprise take mobility to endless possibilities.

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Product Description


MobiControl is an EMM solution with supplies your organisation with enhanced features for mobile security and device management, including application/content management, location services and remote help. By doing so, it becomes possible for you to have full control over devices within your organisation, in order to secure all the company data that is required.

The MobiControl encompasses six key features:

  • MobiControl Stage to configure and deploy mobile devices at a fast pace via intelligent policy management.
  • Further enhancements via a barcode generator application for configuration via barcode scan with configuration information. 
  • Ability to set pre-configurations such that the device automatically triggers such configurations upon enrollment.
  • Support for Apple, Google and Microsoft enrollement programs to facilitate enrollment via profile groupings.
  •  Remote control over the devices for IT to limit device features and ensure policy compliance.
  • Gro-awareness and geo-fencing capabilities for location tracking to facilitate location-based control.
  • Single Sign On available for designated applications as specified by IT to reduce password fatigue.
  • Management over applications installation, updates, settings and deletion without user being aware.
  • Content library which manages the distribution and access management of documents and files.
  • TheHub as a secure content repository to store an approved list of documents for authorised users access with logging. 
  • Selectively wipe a device automatically based on the kind of data (company/personal) upon retirement to properly re-purpose/retire devices.  


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Video: SOTI MobiControl Architecture


Product Description


Pocket Controller is an advanced Help Desk solution with remote control functionality, built using SOTI's award-winning technology

It is offered in four forms: Android | Windows Mobile and Windows CE | Windows Mobile 5, Pocket PC 2003 and CE 4.2 | Blackberry.

Some features are as follows:


  • Remote Control - Use your mouse & keyboard to view and fully control your smartphone, and with a touchscreen, you can “touch” & perform gestures on the virtual screen
  • Presentation Tools - Display your devicey in real-time on either a projector or web presentation via your PC to create efficient and professional presentations.
  • Screen & Video Capture - Capture screens to compressed GIF, BMP, JPG and PNG file formats as well as record videos in WMV and AVI formats.
  • File Explorer Tool with Synchronisation - Browse the file system of your PC and device simultaneously, with the ability for automatic or manual synchronisation for transfer, view, edit and management of your files locally and remotely
  • System Information Tool - Monitor vital system information, such as battery levels, memory utilization, and operating system and processor information.


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Pocket Controller (Android)


Product Description


MobiAssist is a complete on-demand helpdesk solution to support your mobile workforce and customers anywhere in the world. Accessed via the cloud, it provides quick and easy remote control for your mobile devices, desktop, laptop and server computers without the need to install server software or hardware.

Some features are as follows:


  • Remote Helpdesk - MobiAssist's Technician Console offers real-time remote control, support, and troubleshooting of mobile devices in the field
  • Administrator Dashboard - Efficient performance management via user account management and granular technician permission control
  • Advanced Security - Enhanced security for data integrity and compliance with strong encryption, session management and logging


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